We are a Kerala-based tours and travel service provider, offering Kerala tours for your pleasure. We embrace Customer Experience as our mission, and continuously strive to. Cocoland Holidays place the highest importance on the outstanding quality of our services, ensuring the trust of our customer for a long- term. An important goal within our organization is that we speak one language - Our customer's language - customer needs & satisfation.
Statement is Adding value Our Mission Statement is Adding value

As an Incoming Operator, we are in the business of arranging tour packages on behalf of wholesale tour operators and retail travel agents - they are our clients.

We sell the convenience of a "one-stop" service, our expert knowledge of the destination, our networking and our buying power with local providers

We take a commission on what we sell, therefore we must ensure that what we do justifies this commission. Adding value means that the client will prefer paying our commission to bypass us and working directly with providers, because we'll enable them to have in the end a better product to sell and a better sevice operation.

In order to "add value" we must focus on four strategies in all activities:

UNDERSTAND Never do anything if you do not understand how and why. Keep an open mind in interpreting any information received. Anticipate positive and negative consequences and be proactive. Give "good advice"a.

WORK QUICKLY Establish a culture of rapid reponse time, avoiding all tendencies to delay. Prioritise as little as possible: anything can be done is to be done quickly.

BE ACCURATE Realise the importance of accuracy and take pride in the correct and complete transmission of information. Accuracy depends on attentiveness, being systematic and day to day auto-checking.

MAKE SURE Never assume anything; follow up and check that the final results of any action correspond to expectations. To err is human, therefore it is necessary to always check the result of any action, even if the first three strategies were adhered to.

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